Here we explain how MediDiet can work for you. We have also included a short animation to help explain this.

MediDiet is an online Dietetics platform that connects you with your own personal dietitian that will continue to coach you and monitor your progress.

Initial Consultation

Before your initial consultation you will fill out a questionnaire that will be sent to your dietitian to assess your needs. Then in an initial consultation done via video call or face to face depending on your proximity to your dietitian, you will go through a complete and thorough consultation just like you would in a face to face clinic. From here you will have a good idea of what to start with on your journey to the perfect diet.

Regular check-ins 

Once you have chosen the plan level that suits your needs, your dietitian will keep in contact with you to keep you going towards reaching your goal and staying there. You will receive weekly check in forms to fill by email and sms. Your dietitian will read all check ins that are automatically uploaded to your medical file in our secure system and respond with suggestions and changes where necessary. These communications are fully encrypted and to the Australian medical record standards.

Motivation and support

In-between your check ins you will also receive some motivational sms’s that are designed to remind you of your goals and keep you motivated. At any point you are able to book an online video session via Zoom to go through your diet and progress in more detail.


MediDiet is meant to be a long term plan because the longer you are with your dietitian, the more you will learn about your dietary needs and what the PERFECT DIET is for you, and not somebody else.

Feeling confused by the world of diet and nutrition? How do you find the right diet plan that suits YOU, and your unique biology!

With so many contributing factors, it’s no wonder it’s hard to find right? 

Focusing on short term results and following unrealistic plans may cost you lots of money, and even your health!  Developing the perfect diet plan to reach YOUR goals takes time and guidance.  That’s where Medidiet comes in.

Medidiet keeps you continuously connected to your own personal dietitian wherever you go, AND for a fraction of the price, with no lock in contracts. A real person who creates a diet plan specific to you and coaches you every step of the way. With ongoing support and education, your tailored program will have you feeling better week by week, empowering you to reach your goal. 

All humans are made different therefore the key to success is a CUSTOMISED plan, backed by science. We all have goals and desires for our body, but sometimes life gets in the way. Convenience and professional support is the answer. With your Dietitian in your pocket, now you can be certain to get the diet plan to suit your body, and not someone else’s.